Alpha UNO


On June 5, 2024, the Air Force took off and landed its F/A-18 fighter jets on the A1 national road near Payerne. The test was designed to strengthen the army's defense capabilities through so-called decentralization. The Air Force currently only has three jet airfields in Payerne, Emmen and Meiringen. It has concentrated all its resources in a few places, making it correspondingly susceptible and vulnerable. To minimize this risk, the Air Force is relying, among other things, on decentralization as a passive air defense measure. Decentralization describes the ability to distribute people and material across the country in the shortest possible time. If possible, the Air Force's resources should also be able to operate from decentralized or, in some cases, improvised locations. That is why it took off and landed its F/A-18s on the A1 motorway near Payerne as part of the "Alpha Uno" exercise.

I was lucky enough to get one of the very rare, coveted spotter tickets and to be part of this unique event. IA big thank you to the Swiss Air Force for the top-organized event.